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Prepared Foods
The Following must be completed by all vendors applying to sell Prepared Foods. This includes all food and beverage that will be prepared on site and sold for immediate consumption.
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Vendor fees for the 2019 market are $25 per individual market. For applications received and invoices paid by March 15, 2019, a discount will be given for signing up for multiple markets - $50 for 3 markets, and $100 for all 6 markets. The NPCM will invoice vendors to pay their vendor fees as they are accepted. Fees are due within two weeks of invoicing. The NPCM will review applications on a rolling basis and notify vendors of approval. Please note applicants may not be selected to participate in the full season but rather specific markets as space is limited.
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The market will be held on the third Sunday of the month from May through October.
The NPCM will not be able to provide supplies for selling vendors for the 2019 market including but not limited to tents, tables, and chairs. *
All applicants must carry commercial liability insurance ($1 million) for protection against damages in the event an injury occurs at the Market or an injury is caused by the product(s) they sell at the Market. Policy must name North Park Community Market, Hollywood North Park Community Association, City of Chicago, and Chicago Public Schools. A current Certificate of Liability Insurance must be submitted with this application.
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